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This year I done Movember. My moustache was itchy and ginger, two terrible things. But I raised £200, contributing to a :teamAMAzING: total of £593 which I think you’ll find is pretty bloody brilliant.

Final group photo for :team AMAzING:

Final group photo for :team AMAzING:

You can view a lovely album of my journey here. If you didn’t get a chance to donate, you can still do so here.

Lincoln Parkour

A few years ago my Lincoln partners in crime, Bobaloba and Damian van Doom, and I made us a parkour film. Here it is:

Good, eh?

Despite doing my back in, it was a lot of fun. We filmed it over the course of several months (hence the differing length of my hair) and edited it by way of getting drunk and shouting instructions at van Doom.

Once uploaded, we had our first taste of the bile and vitriol that YouTube comments serve up. To deal with this I created a new account in the name of “Jumpboy789″ and did lots of fun swearing at these losers.

Despite some half-arsed plans for a follow-up project, Lincoln Parkour remains our only published work to date.