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Two Star Podcast

Two Star Podcast

I’ve only gone and bloody started a podcast with Spad, innit. We talk about nothing and try to be funny but largely fail.

It should be no surprise that’s it’s not very good, but it will amaze you to learn that it’s not totally shit.

Go to our lovely website and have an listen. It’ll be in iTunes in a couple of days when them Apple hipsters stop fingering eachother’s soya lattes long enough to click Approve.

Regular Features

Many years ago I used to read words written by a man called Log into a website called Disappointment. It was funny and I liked it. You should read it, you’ll like it too, unless you’re a dick. You’re not a dick are you?

I recently discovered that Log is on the Twitter. I followed him to see what funny things he might have to say and discovered that he and some other gentlemen record a podcast called Regular Features.

It is one of the funniest things I have ever heard with my ears. I came into it around episode 34 then worked my way backwards through the rest. It took a couple of weeks during which time I laughed out loud in Tesco, on the train and at work, and was looked at as if I were a sex offender.

I liked it so much that I left a 5 star review on the iTunes. This is what I wrote:

I was listening to this podcast in the bath and it was funny and made my willy go all big, but my mother saw and said “argh! Dirty boy!” and swung at it with the long handled scrubbing brush, but she missed and hit my left nut and it bloody hurt, then she refused to finish bathing me and I had to do it myself and I didn’t wash properly in the downstairs department and got an horrific fungal infection around my C & Bs.

When I went to the Doctor I recounted this tale and he said “rubbish, no podcast could be that funny” so I played it to him and he laughed and both of our willies went all big, but the surgery was having an inspection that day and the man from the Ministry of Health saw us standing there giggling with our giant bonk-ons and wrote an unfavourable report and Doctor Piddleton got struck off and committed suicide by smothering himself under a bouncy castle at the Church fete.

It was on the local news, they didn’t mention Regular Features by name though. Shame really, it would have been good publicity.

The “Steve” character is my favourite. Then the Welsh.

Podcasts I like

I listen to some podcasts. I thought I’d tell you which ones because I’m nice, like.

Iain Lee on Absolute Radio

Iain Lee on Absolute Radio

Iain Lee is sadly no longer on the radio, but you can still get podcasts of his manic phone-in show (technical term.)

Being a late night show, there are a lot of nutters. For years it was the best thing on the radio, Iain Lee is a master of his craft. Well worth a listen.

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