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Facebook Granny

Facebook Granny

My wife’s 82 year old Granny bought an iPad to go on the Facebook.

Here are some of her posts.

Try again

September 12th


September 14th

Thanks Brian

September 15th

Thought for today If there were no criminals think how many people would be out of work

September 16th

Police Lawyers Jail Staff
r. Flipping. Ross Kemp

September 17th

Bat man& Robin
Guard dogs

September 18th

Had my first proper hair cut for eight years
Expected to look chic
I don’t

September 22nd

You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear

September 24th

Yes. It’s keeping me happy
Can add comments and google
Haven’t Sussed how you and
Duncan got on this page

September 25th