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Isabel Rowan Kett

I am now a father.

I thought about writing a blog post explaining how it feels, but there’s no way I could put it into words. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

All I can tell you is that anything that has ever got me down or made me unhappy in the past now seems completely unimportant. The only thing that matters is Izzy and knowing that she’s here makes everything OK.

Here is a quote I found in the book The Narrows by Michael Connelly. It’s the weakest in the otherwise excellent Harry Bosch series, but I love these lines and have been saving them up.

You can become unhinged and cut loose from the world. You can believe you are a permanent outsider. But the innocence of a child will bring you back and give you the shield of joy with which to protect yourself.

Here’s a picture of my angel:

There are more on my Facebook profile. If you deserve to see them then you’ll be my friend. Otherwise why are you trying to look at photos of strangers’ babies, you weirdo?

Game Saves

GamingLives is an internet website where they publish things that actual, real people have written about video games. Even idiots like me!

Game Saves by Graham

Imagine if Real Life™ had a ‘Save’ button; that would be brilliant. You could hit ‘Save’, punch your boss in the jaw and reload. All the satisfaction, none of the gross misconduct hearings. Or you could load the save from just before you had your first ever Jaffa Cake and relive that wonderful experience.

Go and read my words and have a look around the rest of the site. It’s excellent and there are some cool people on there. FACT.