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Podcasts I like

I listen to some podcasts. I thought I’d tell you which ones because I’m nice, like.

Iain Lee on Absolute Radio

Iain Lee on Absolute Radio

Iain Lee is sadly no longer on the radio, but you can still get podcasts of his manic phone-in show (technical term.)

Being a late night show, there are a lot of nutters. For years it was the best thing on the radio, Iain Lee is a master of his craft. Well worth a listen.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link / archives


Gareth Jones on SpeedGareth Jones on Speed

You remember Gaz Top from 80s kids telly? Well, he’s now a 50 year old man. Depressing thought. But luckily, he doesn’t act like it.

GJOS is a car & motorsport podcast he does with Sniff Petrol and a man called Zog. Very funny and imaginative.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link


The Dave Gorman podcastThe Dave Gorman podcast

Bearded comedian Dave Gorman has a show on Absolute Radio. It is excellent.

It’s rigidly structured, but very rarely misses the target and the podcast contains loads of extras. Now that Iain Lee’s finished, the best thing on Absolute.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link


Dr Karl and the Naked ScientistDr Karl and the Naked Scientist

Dr Karl is charismatic Australian scientist who pops up in the early hours of Thursday mornings on 5 live to answer questions.

At that time in the morning, you often find a drunk or a nutter will get through which is always entertaining.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link


Iain Lee’s MSN GameCastIain Lee’s MSN Gamecast

I can’t be arsed with a lot of games podcasts, but I enjoy this one. It’s knowledgeable but accessible and there’s a good atmosphere between the presenters.

It comes out monthly, although not always on the same date. They’ve started doing one-off specials too.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link


Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film ReviewsMark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

Rather than forming my own opinions on films, I find it’s easier to listen to this and regurgitate Kermode’s. That way I sound knowledgeable and a bit of a ponce.

The interviews can be a bit tedious, but the reviews are always worth a listen.

iTunes link / non-iTunes link

That’s your lot.

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